We have been working hard on several games for a few years. We are working on an awsome Tavern Management game, that allows players to become acquanted with the atmosphere and lore we have planned for bigger games in the future.

We have decided to aim for something that we can actually produce, make fun and interesting and finish, before diving into deeper waters. Something simple can have a lot of entertainment value!

minion mania: A day in the life

Our first game is called 'Minion mania: A day in the life'. It is a tavern management game where players get to meet the characters and minions that will be populating our bigger games (Minion Mania). This game allows us to test some core mechanics and will allow for us to build not just a game, but a story as well. Once we feel like our projects have reached a level that is sufficiently fun and stable to play, we will share more information and perhaps open up an alpha version. We do not want to be another trash project with an unstable product, so we will try and make sure that once we do release something, it is fully functional and hopefully super fun.