Our Assets will at first be available on the Unity Store. A quick impression of our work can be found here. New packages will be announced on the main page. We offer different types of assets.

Our first type of asset is the 'seamless texture pack', These packs contain 5+ different, high quality, PBR ready textures, all with 20 variations (140 total images per set!). The variations are all 100% seamlessly tileable with eachother and were carefully created to prevent patterning (all fully unique textures). These textures are perfect for both unity terrain, but also as tiles or even PBR materials for bushes or tree trunks.

The second type of asset is the 'colored corner tileset', which is a version of a wang tile. Packs are also made up of at least 5 textures, which have a total of 25 High quality texture images included, and an additional example sheet image for tiling. The benefit of using these tiles is total control over tile placement. We are currently looking into providing a Unity plugin or tool that will assist in the usage of these tiles, as it is the most advanced method but has not been fully accepted into development just yet.

The third type of asset is a 'marching square tileset'. These are your typical 2d game topdown / platformer tilesets. Packs are made up of 4 or 5 tilesets, based on one base texture. So one texture will be a type of grass, but the transitions are 4 or 5 different types of materials. These will be rolled out in December or January, depending on the time it takes for Unity to approve our assets.

We will roll out more Assets every week or month, depending on our production schedule.