Who are we

Welcome to modun games! Our mission is simple: 


Modun Games has been founded in an attempt to fight the ever-growing trend of monkey-see-monkey-do behaviour that has plagued the gaming industry for over a decade.

Having spent over 200.000 hours on playing games, making mods and developing third party software between us, we decided it was time to take our adventure to the next level.

We have had some great idea's over the years, but freeware projects don't keep the lights on. With our projects we mainly just hope to improve the industry and create things that are fun to play!

our projects

The company was founded with a very specific set of projects in mind. These projects evolve around two elements:

Indie Game development and Indie asset development. The assets that we produce should hopefully improve the quality of indie games that are released in the future.

Tripple A studios have large budgets and talented people. Knowing the struggle of a broke-back indie developer ourselves, we decided to create game assets such as textures, music and sounds and sell them at indie-developer affordable prices.

The main goal of our projects is to create games that are fun to play again. Many games are just 'not fun' anymore. Keeping players interested heavily relies on social pressure and addicting elements and use the same gameplay loops that can achieve that effect.

Every time we hear somebody talk about their awsome game, where you can gather wood, cook recipies and craft items, we die a little more on the inside. Don't you? Instead of just pointing out the obvious and not doing anything about it, we have decided to try and come up with new and innovative ways to play games instead. On top of the innovation, it is very important to us that the games we produce are fun for everybody to play, together.

Let's Make fun games again!

the Community

As developers of tools and mods, we have always been part of online gaming communities and we know that gaming is about so much more than just sitting behind a desk doing something in a simulated environment.

It's about having experiences, creating moments with friends, meeting new people and just having a good time with your friends, family or partner. That's why we take community input very seriously.

Feel free to contact us if you have any business or product related questions or idea's! The contact section lists all the usual options. Follow us on twitter or facebook if you like what we are doing!